Beautiful Berlin

Beautiful Berlin

Beautiful Berlin

So my family and I went to Berlin as our Autumn Holiday. I have been in Berlin twice but both times was in Summer. So I’ve never seen Berlin at Autumn time, and as you may know Autumn is my favourite season. But I’ve never imagined Berlin to be this beautiful. It was like seeing this not so special city from a hole new angle.



Brandenburger Tor

Even though it was raining, it still looked amazing! And as you can see, my family and I weren’t the only ones!



This is the TV-Tower in Berlin. It’s 368 m and opened for the first time in the start of October 1969. In German it’s called: Berliner Fernsehturm. I know that was a bit of boring facts, but I mean… Now you know.


I don’t really know if this have a name or not. But I just thought it looked really cool 😉 But you can see a lot of the famous monuments and buildings on there, so that’s kinda cool.



Spreegold is a café on Alexander Platz. One of the first days we really fancied a hot chocolate and a belgian waffle. And then we saw this café called Spreegold. The hot chocolate and waffle was AMAZING!

The next day we headed out for dinner, and decided to go to the same café/restaurant. I got myself Pasta with Tomato Sauce and a Virgin Mojito. I do love my Virgin Mojitos!


Autumn in Berlin

If I’m aloud to judge my own photos, I would like to say that this is one of my fave pictures of Autumn ever! I think this really shows how beautiful Autumn colours and weather is. And I don’t really know the name of this location, but I do remember that we were walking towards BrandenBurger Tor when I snapped this pic.   img_7323_fotor_fotor


Karen XX

Side note: I’m planing to do a Berlin beauty haul, but I’m not sure… What do you guys think?

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